Jardin coffee stickers

Sticker pack

Jardin is a relatively young premium coffee brand with a wide collection of gourmet coffees. Therefore, it is especially important for him to qualitatively detach himself from competitors, to be in the right information field and to declare himself.

But the more important task is to speak with your target audience in its language, collect all the likes, and get to the latest iPhone model.

Instagram coffee lovers (unexpectedly) love to post coffee photos. A drink for them is an integral part of life — they are happy to generate content with their favorite latte and without even mentioning the brand.

Now all this can be decorated with cool stickers.

The light and relaxed style of illustrations in stickers is perfect for lovers of strong Americano and for those who cannot imagine coffee without syrup and marshmallows.







Sticker pack


November, 2021

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